As the seasons change .I have a chance to look back at all i did. No !  I didnt get another white Dall ram this year . It would only take up room in my den. Instead the only white i see is . I have a few more white hairs on my head . Alaskan winters snows are becoming bolder with each year .

Moose season has come and gone leaving me with many thoughts and pictures .Many memories to share with one and all . No moose shot by me this year .Not that i didnt havean honest  chance  .The chance i did give up was for my son. The chance to see my son hunt with me again is priceless .To follows me thought a stalk to 35 yds .Only to lay my hand on his shoulder to stop him . The look in his eyes knowing  i was right  . It was late night, long distance from camp ,bears .I knew my son had followed my thoughts as only a son could .He knows my heart . A true son .

Seasons changes gives us all time to reflect on friends and family .

Besides hunting i love to fish .My real love is fly fishing ,My best times are teaching my family to fly fish .I taught my wife to fly fish .It was easy to teach her to drive my truck . I taught her to build her own fly rods and ties flies. That was simple part . Now take her to remote pond some wherer she would have no problems with back cast .She could form her loop and forward cast  on an open beaver pond .While standing on dam  This would be great place. Plus good trout fishing all year round . Plentyof open space {it was like beating a bee with broom handle at first } My wife picked up the cast very well .Plus with time she will practice to become a very good fisherperson .

I taught my wife to catch the big king salmon. Her first was  39#. Very proud lady .Turning to me to say that I should give her my rod and reel ! I dont think so –Telling her ,You give a man a fish you feed him for life ! teach him to fish he will feed himself . Good words of wisdom.Meaning you buy build your own rod and buy a good reel . lesson learned ? I not cold hearted .Get  things the same way i did . Work for it ! 

My thoughts go back in time .My freind called me saying his family was in town .They had a great time in alaska .Even though they tried to catch a  king salmon their time was getting short ,The flight was red eye to salt lake city  Asking if i could help them to catch at least one king ?

Off we drive to a place i love to fish for kings . A  place really to many people know about for my taste  .After casting a few lines . I catch nice king . In alaska in some areas you may keep only one king salmon .My day was finished . I just sit on bank of river watching .With a few hooks and line i found along river i could tie a few lines . I would hang them in the trees behind me .People would walk by asking if i sold these hooks . Iam not one to upset any one by turning down a $ each .

My freinds son tried ever so hard to catch a king . I could only talk to him tel ing him what he may do diffrently . After a few hours no one there would remembered me catching my king and filled my tag .What would it hurt to cast a line to try to hook a king ? On the third cast i had a king . Handing him my rod . Saying please dont break it .This fish was a heavy fighter .The fight lasted an hour . When he got the fish close to shore i netted it . Only now i can see that this fish was huge ! Not as big as the smile on this young mans face to catch a mighty alaskan king salmon .

I had made his day ,No his whole vacation ! We drove back to town where we scaled in this fish for 75#.  What a catch for a young man that had never seen any thing this big in his life . After pictures they loaded up for trip to airport to finish their long journey home after one week enjoying what i take for granted here .


One week passes and i get this phone call from my freind ,Late at night  the kind of phone calls one doesnt want to answer in fear of the worst ,My freinds told me the worst had happened ,His son came home from work late one night  kneeling at his bed side for evening prayers and died . S ad for my freinds loss , Feeling for my freind loss .I have lost many parts of my family ,

I was given a picture of his son in his greatest moment holding this salmon 4 ft off the ground as he floated in glory of his catch .The picture is treasured by me and i keep it close  know that every heart beat we are given can be taken away the same way .

I maybe a hipocrite at times or maybe just like to think i am ?y wife has bought her own fishing gear .She has gone on to become a good fisherperson. she and i are no longer together. She will hold these memories of being taught to  fish or building her own rods. Maybe i was right to hand my freinds son my rod and reel .We never know what moment we changes lifes of others …..Some how we all know the right moment to see changes of the seasons .