For many years here in Alaska i have baited black bears each spring . In Alaska Black bears are the only bears that can be baited . Grizzlies and brown bears do come into baits. Over the years ive changed my bear hunting to calling with Wayne Cartons game calls .I can hunt longer into season. Baiting has a very short season here.

Many people still bait here.  I talk to them after spring baiting to find where the grizzlies /brown bears are seen. Good tips of areas to hunt grizzlies .

One after noon I received a phone call from a friend to come down to local archery shop to see a video of his last hunt over bait –Way cool ! It is good to see old freinds after long winter months for a good chat over coffee .This time it was  a video of  a hunt .

The hunt was on a small river north of wasilla.  A good stream for salmon fishing –You guessed it and bears ! The bait used was old donuts , dog food covered with honey wax . On  hot day this would smell very good to a hungry bear.  All mixed up in a 35 gal barrel hanging from tree . The bait had been hit many times right around 5 pm each night . My freind Had talked another freind into going with him to bait stand .Both afraid of bears period tobe  filming  from tree stand about 10 ft off the ground –You would feel safe there ?   Maybe –Read on.

The opening of the film shows trip into area . Bear sign ,moose ,berrie picking and just good fun with freind picking on him about bears around every bush. Both talking about how safe they would be from tree stand . Maybe ????  You can never tell about alaskan bears . Read on The drama starts to unfold .

Both are talking to each other trying to conviince the other it would be safe . Funny stuff . If you were to knew these two  guys. You would know they both are scared of bears.  They really have no business trying to shot a  bear with bow much less a rifle . None the less they have a 416 rigby rifle for back up ?? under bowed ? or over rifled ? You pick one ?

They fill bait barrel, Then climb up tree to stand .Which is a home made stand from and old pallet  the wood creaks and mouns. But not as much as these two guys tryng to help each other up the tree . Funny stuff to be watching and knowing these two as freinds .

They wer in tree stand about 30 minutes when first bear comes in . Small bear real nervous .Small bears wanting bo feed in areas known for big bears. they can be real flighty . Big bears eat little bears ! You can hear one of the guys nameing this bear and joking . Great video shoots of small bear . Then the bear runs off real fast . Next shows a little bigger bear comeing in . This bears is real jumpy . He doesntwnat to  feed. Just runs off . The next bear comes in ,This is nice bear ,no rubs ,perfect pelt /hide . A keeper . This is why baiting works so well here to be selective of prime boars Bears that have added to gene pool and lived a good life .

This 4 year old bear starts to feed. When the shot is right you see arrow hit the mark . Perfect placement heart /lung .The bear turns and runs off {all on video now } right into the jaws of a brown bear comeing into  bait stand to feed off the bait . An added bonus of a black bear. The camera is still filming watching this all happen so quickly .

Hers the part of the film you are on the edge of your seat .The bait can is 5 ft off ground . This brown bear is on all fours with head stuck into bait can feeding .I didnt understand why this bear was feeding on dog food when he had fresh meat to eat .Only thing to be made of thi was . The bear knew these  guys were in the tree .maybe just wanting  a looking to see . The tree stand is creaking loudly was another reason for bear to come over to bait .

You hear safety snap off of rifle. This small sqeaky voice is saying to other companion –I Dont the think the tree stand is tall enough? . You see this bear wonder off to his kill . Dragging  it off to feed alone . We watched this video many times over.  The brown bear was over 9 .5 ft  and easely been able to look  at these guys in a tree stand eye to eye .The bear is gone and the guys leave posty hasty .At this point of watching this film –You need to ask your self one question –Is your tree stand tall enough ?  or   How much TP will you use to clean your pants with ?