Shooting Straight
   with frank addington, jr. 

Archery Talk’s New Format Unleashed…

      Howdy & welcome to my new column on Archery Talk.   When Terry Martin emailed me about the new page, I immediately said “Yeah, I’m in..” because I personally believe that the internet is a powerful marketing tool that promotes our sport 24/7 around the world.  Now you may have to be stuck in an office in a big city, but for a few minutes each day you can escape to a bowhunting adventure somewhere, read about equipment updates, and read the forums here to see what’s on other archer’s minds.  Pretty cool huh?   

      Thank you for taking time to read my first column.  Soon I’ll be posting some of our adventures from the road with the 2009 “HAVE BOW WILL TRAVEL” tour.  You see,  I don’t spend all my time at a desk banging on a keyboard.  I actually make a living as a professional archery exhibition shooter.  (I don’t like the term “trick shot” because that term implies smoke & mirrors.)  My show, The Aspirin Buster Show, is 24 years old this year.  I have been shooting a bow and arrow since 1971 at the age of four.  My parents have operated an archery pro shop, Addington’s Bowhunter Shop, in Winfield, West Virginia since the 1970’s.  As a matter of fact, we have been a Martin Archery dealer since about 1978.    I was telling Terry the other day that Pop sold a lot of the Martin Cougar and Cougar Magnum’s in the old days.  We even had some customers that were fans of the Martin Dyna-Bow.  Perhaps Terry will write about the history of that bow sometime, it was amazing.

     Anyway, long story made short I was a protege’ of the late Rev. Stacy Groscup.  Groscup became the first archer to ever hit an aspirin from mid air and would later set a world record on national TV by hitting seven aspirin in a row without a miss.  In later years he was inducted into the national Archery Hall of Fame as the 49th inductee.  When I was 18 Rev. Groscup tossed a Pepsi can into mid air and challenged me to hit it.  I did and later that day he put me in front of an audience shooting.  It was an amazing time.  

     Now, 24 years later, I travel coast to coast doing archery shows and promoting the sport of archery 24/7.  What can you expect at my shows?  Six arrows at one aerial target, two balloons from mid air with one arrow, targets of all sizes from mid air, down to a baby aspirin or multiple baby aspirin— all shot instinctively with my bow behind my back.  Why this unconventional method?  I wanted to have a signature shot.  A baby aspirin behind the back is just about the hardest shot I could come up with.

     Archery is a great sport.  I am fortunate that time in the sport has allowed me to cross paths with so many of the archery greats, from Fred Bear to Ted Nugent, Earl and Ann Hoyt, Gail Martin, Al Henderson, Joe Johnston, Ann Clark, Chuck “Woodrow” Adams, Jim Easton, Dick Mauch, Glenn St. Charles, Matt McPherson, and so many well known figures from our sport.  My life has been blessed by all the archery friends I’ve met.

     Now my wife and I have a son who shot his first arrow at less than two years old!  He’s a natural and loves to shoot his bow.  I hope that your family joins you in your outdoor pursuits.  I am a big believer in turning off TV, computers, video games and leaving cell phones behind to spend time as a family outdoors.  If you agree then please stop by my columns from time to time to keep up with my adventures.  Hats off to Terry Martin for the opportunity.

 Thanks for your time.  Until next time, Adios & God Bless.

Shoot Straight,


Frank Addington, Jr.