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Archive for June, 2009

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Published by archerytech12 on 30 Jun 2009

Archery Tuning and Arrow Fletching

I have opened my own shop and I’m doing a complete bow tune for $25.00. I will tear down your bow, clean it, and tune it with laser and paper. I am a full archery shop and an authorized dealer for many vendors. I can order in anything you need for a great price. I will guarantee my work 100%. Don’t wait till it is too late to get your bow tuned, call T.J. at 208-871-4069. Thanks and I look forward to helping you with your hunting/shooting needs.

String Replacement- If you order strings through me I do it for free. If not it is 15.00 for a full set up.
Full bow tune is $25.00 paper/or laser I do both
Arrow fletching is:
$2.00 an arrow if you provide the fletchings
$2.50 if I provide the fletchings

Feel free to call if you have more questions. Visit my Web Site at www.DeadOnArchery.com

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Published by T.R. Michels on 26 Jun 2009

Understanding the Different Phases of the Rut

Hunters often want to hunt “the rut”, but don’t know exactly when the rut occurs in their area, when the different phases of the rut occur, or how to determine which rut phase in in progress. As a result of my 10 years of study on the biology and behavior of white-tailed deer, I recognized eight different rut phases with their associated activities: 1. pre-rut, 2. dispersal, 3. pre-breeding, 4. primary breeding, 5. post primary breeding, 6. rest, 7. pre-late breeding, 8. late breeding, followed by the post rut. It is often difficult to distinguish when these phases start and end, because their activities overlap, and because dominant and subdominant bucks are on different time schedules.

Rut Phases
(The dates given are approximate for northern areas.)

Pre-Rut / Rubbing Phase (Rubbing/Scraping) Sept. 1 – 25
During the pre-rut, when bucks are beginning to rub to shed velvet, most of their activity will be in or near their core areas that contain bedding sites and late summer food sources of mast, berries, succulent grasses, clovers and agricultural crops. Scraping often begins at this time, especially if nighttime temperatures fall below 45 degrees. Dominant bucks create most of these early scrapes. My studies show that bucks travel primarily at dawn and dusk during this phase. They may rub and scrape during the day in the cover of their core areas when there is a full moon.

Fall Home Range Shift / Dispersal Phase (Rubbing/Scraping) Sept. 15 – Oct. 15
With rising testosterone levels bucks become more aggressive and no longer travel in groups. Bucks in some areas may shift from a summer core area to fall core area, and begin to use larger home ranges as they search for preferred food sources to put on fat for the winter. They may travel through several doe home ranges in preparation for breeding. Scraping may diminish at this time. My studies show that bucks begin to leave core areas later in the evening, and go back to core areas earlier in the morning during this phase.

Pre-Primary Breeding / Peak Scraping Phase (Rubbing/Scraping/Chasing/Breeding) Oct. 15 – Nov. 5
Two to three weeks before the primary breeding phase bucks begin to travel their rub routes, making rubs and scrapes. Most of the scrapes at this time are still made by dominant bucks. While most scent marking activity occurs at night, bucks do travel their rub routes in cover during the day making rubs and scrapes. Rub routes generally lead from buck core areas in the evening, through doe use areas, to night time food sources, then back through doe use areas to buck core areas in the morning. Scrape activity usually peaks at the end of this phase. My studies show that bucks may travel to food sources in the early afternoon and stay there until late in the morning. During the full moon I often see bucks along their rub routes an hour or more before sunset. Some does may come into estrus and be bred during this phase. Because bucks are exerting dominance, they are extremely aggressive and will fight almost anything. Does that are not ready to breed at this time often run from bucks, hence the term “chasing phase.”

Primary Breeding Phase (Rubbing/Scraping/Breeding) Nov. 1 – 25
Once the does come into estrus the bucks will travel during all hours of the day in search of them. The bucks may stop traveling their rub routes, and follow doe trails instead. Rubbing and scraping by dominants usually diminishes at this time because the bucks are searching for and breeding does. However, subdominant bucks may create fresh rubs and scrapes because the dominant bucks are more interested in does than making rubs and scrapes or exerting dominance over the subdominants. Although the full moon may not cause increased activity during peak breeding, daytime buck activity will be high as long as does remain in . Generally there is above normal daytime deer activity during the two to three weeks when the does are in , no matter what the moon phase is. However, if the buck to doe ratio is low you may not see many bucks during this phase, because the bucks may all be with does. Some hunters refer to the lack of buck sightings at this time as “The Lockup”.

Post Primary Breeding Phase (Searching/Scraping/Breeding) Nov. 20 – 25
After most of the does have been bred some dominant and subdominant bucks the bucks may travel their rub routes, and visit doe use areas and food sources during the day, especially if there is a full moon. My studies show that bucks may move at any time of the day during this rut phase, no matter what the moon phase is.

Rest Phase Nov. Nov. 20 – Dec. 5
During the two to three weeks after the post primary breeding phase bucks that took part in breeding may stay in their core areas, where they feed on mast, any remaining green grass, leaves or clover, and agricultural crops or browse. Most buck activity will occur at night or in secure wooded areas during the late evening and early morning hours. The full moon may cause bucks to become active during the day, but I seldom see dominant bucks outside their core areas during this phase. Rubs and scrapes occurring outside buck core areas at this time may be made by subdominants.

Pre-Late Breeding Phase (Rubbing/Scraping/Searching/Breeding) Dec. 1 – 10
Two to three weeks after peak breeding some dominant and subdominant bucks may begin traveling their rub routes again, usually on their way to and from food sources. They may rub and scrape while they travel with, or search for, does during the day, especially if there is a full moon. When temperatures are colder than normal daytime activity may occur from two to three hours before sunset to an hour after sunset; and from an hour before sunrise to three to four hours after sunrise.

Late Breeding Phase (Rubbing/Scraping/Searching/Breeding) Dec. 10 – Dec. 25
Approximately a month after the primary breeding phase unbred older does come into a second ; and some older, and 1.5 year old does come into their first estrus. Dominant and subdominant bucks often travel their rub routes, making rubs and scrapes, and visit doe use and feeding areas in their search for receptive does. Daytime activity may occur from two to three hours before sunset to an hour after, and from an hour before sunrise to three to four hours after, especially when the weather is colder than normal and there is cloud cover. I often see dominant and subdominant bucks with the does as they travel to and from food sources during this phase, especially during the full moon.

Post Rut Dec. 25-Jan. 15
After the rut ends, and when food sources are limited, cold night time and morning temperatures may cause both bucks and does to travel during the afternoon and early evening hours. They may also feed late in the morning when there is prolonged severe weather. My studies show that when the temperature or wind-chill was below 10 degrees, and when there was limited food, three times more deer were sighted in the afternoon and evening than at any other time during the fall. When extreme conditions occur, the moon has very little influence on daytime deer activity.

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Published by caribou creek on 23 Jun 2009

The Worlds best — “Bow Shooter” !

We find humor in our freinds .The stories that we tell can or  will embarrass the parties in question every time .In a good way .

A number of years ago .I had a small archery shop –Caribou Creek Archery –Being just  a small shop .Fulfilling needs of traditional archers.I had many custom build bows from about every bowyer that was worth his salt . I build arrows and strings sold new and used bows .There was a small range 2oyds .More like just a long hallway leading to back door out side . It gave people a place to try bows . Just for extra room i would Hang bows on the wall for display .

One day my freind came in with a bow he  just bought a a pawn shop  .I sold martin bows /equiptment . So when Dave came in with his bow .I looked it over . A martin hatfield take down recurve #70. It had the same rizer that the martin wart hog  .  Big !  It  didnt fit well in the hand .

Thinking that the bow was a little over poundage .Way to much bow to shoot every day. After shooting it . I found it to be smooth . I was surprized that it drew back easy with no stacking  . It felt good to hold in your hands .Release was smooth as i had ever shot . This i did find common for most martin bows .

Dave couldnt wait to shot this bow .He stepped up to the range .Picket out and arrow . Drew back –Now Dave is a very good archer Shoots compounds Very well ! As all compound shooter they expect let off half way thru the draw .This leads to a number of mistakes that makes this story Good .

Dave draws back this bow . Expecting let off . The bow draw wieght is a little more than he did expect Pus he was expecting the let for some unknown reason . Half way thru draw he releases the arrow .The arrow  falls off the rest.  Shots down the hallway . Hitting the light switch . The rest of the lights  come on .Blinding us to what had happened .

The arrow had followed the wall down range –Now my new and used bows hang on this wall !  The arrow hits the lower limb of a bow hanging there and sticks . It took a minute to figure out what had happened . I turn saying  to dave ! If you wanted a new bow !  All you had to do was ask me !  We joked . Dave being the butt of the joke was embarassed . I did give Dave the bow as a gift  .Mounted on a frame work with arrow still sticking out of lower limb . Inscribed are  the words –To my best freind Dave –The worlds greatest  ” Bow Shooter ”

I write of many freinds .I have a number of them with name of Dave . I dont know why ?  Freinds are freinds to the end .They do seem to hear and answer to what ever names i do call them .

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Published by caribou creek on 21 Jun 2009

Fathers day –A look into the past !

I wrote this story many years ago for Fathers day . Dont really know if this belongs here ?  Each Year at this time i feel the same way . Maybe it time we spend with family ? Maybe it time lost ?

I left home at early age.  My father who i had a love  hate relationship with over the years .Kept me away. Only to find myself wanting to put our lives back together –only i couldnt till 5 years before my father died . This story tells of . Time spend toether and time lost .

From the day i was born .I followed my father with wonder of this new world i was born .As time pasted i would follow my father into the woods for the first day of deer season . Slowly he would teach me about every leaf ,flower and track .

Hunting was a way of life for us . Work was hard to come by . Money was  even harder . Liveing on my grand fathers farm. This was the only help we had . See !  There was no welfare .You didnt hear for state aid. My father was hurt in an work accident that left him out of work and unable to care for his family . He drank and i was the end of his anger at the world at times. I learned early to just stay out of his way . 

For ever wanting to know more of my father . Wanting his love more everyday . I would go back to see if we could find each other –I couldnt . Time would show me why my father was this way towards me . Now to this day i understand. My father is gone . All the times we could have shared are gone  .  Time is lost forever . 

My archery years were formed by my uncle and father .They would build long bows from choice woods. Hand fletched arrows .This is the true meaning of archery and hunting to me. Ive hunted with long bow for more years than i can remember. With same feelings that i was taught at a very early age . My skills would be honed by teachings of some of the best archers .We only can read about today.

I have been honored to hunt with these great men that Have passed away .Each leaving their archery skills and knowledge in my hands to teach others . I lost my uncle at a very early time in my life . His teachings are with me every day .I miss him . Along with all the rest of my mentors .Each equaly .The one i miss the most is my father . Each fathers day i read this letter i wrote to him before he died {aug 6th  2005 }

In this letter you will see how much he meant to me at a time to late to recover lost years . It does show a very good mentor that has shaped my life today . I had restored an old motorcycle and dedicated this restoration to him. Along with this letter

To my earthly father :

I deicate this restoration of thos motorcycle to you . Restored with knowledge learned from you in my youth .With guidance of knowing hands . Te able to seek knowledge ,Find wisdom , Forever find beauty and good in all works.

I did find out the hard way the the road to Hell is Paved with good intentions . Only after long troubled years of searching for what ever i never found . Because it  wasnt there to start with . The one visit i had with you last year .You showed me the way back from Hell –Was only through Humilitly !

So for the  years of teaching me Were remembered .You did touch my heart as a father would only dream of for his son .Not to late to finish this project or to find each other in Christ our Lord.

We can smile a little thinking of the motorcycle we restored in my youth together .Thses dreams were of a young mans first motorcycle . A fathers dream for doing something together with son . Some how seeing beauty In this project not seen by others .As we both take this trip back in time .we remember all good things ,We cry , laugh a lot . Being so ever happy that all things do work out in time . Time does heal all things .We found that we were guided by faith ,hope and love .Love being the greatest of all

We both would have never guessed our lifes were so close from the day i was born .We now this day see it clearly .Our lifes intertwined .Ever so close . Yet so far apart . Strangers at arms lenght. Each knowing so much of each other.  Yet not seeing the truth that kept us together . Two totaly differnt people . Father and Son  . Each trying Hard not to let the other conquer the other   . Wanting to be their own person yet not wanting the truth to show that kept us together .Each not wanting to show feelings for love ,honor ,respect .fearing that we would hurt each others feelings in some small  way . Some where in time i know we failed greatly .Only we together found out our pride was our down fall .

It wasnt till we both accepted the total love or our heavely father .He would teach us both where we were wrong in many ways About each other .

Ive learned more about life in the jaws of death than on my knees in prayer .Sometimes the hard way is better learned ?  There is a greater calling for us . These lessons are to strengthen our lives .Forever helping us to be able to face each day and each other .The punshment for our transgretions where the many years of wondering ,looking and never finding each other . Unknowing  ? Seeking the right hand of God . Too many years lost forever .Only to be found today in one heart beat .Or maybe three –I love you !.

We greet each other with open arms .Imbrace each other .Hearts warmed over with feelings of love for each other .

We both must  remember. Nor forget . That we are not measured by –How much we Love —-only by how much we are loved by others .

Your loveing son, Harold


As add on to this letter. I put together and picture frame of pictures of my father and  i together in life .This shows projects together ,boats airplanes ,Log cabins . Every day in our life caught on film . Each tells its own story of the time. As you look at the frame of pictures you will see crack in glass .You will wonder why i did repair this ?  The crack is for the tears shed of  lost years we could have had . You will see picture missing in the center of frame . The missing picture is missing years we could have shared . These pictures are the only thing he left to me when he died. Or ? Did he leave me  more i cant find now ?  Yet in my life to find later.  As i need to with my sons and daughters . So we will not make this mistake twice.

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Published by brenda on 18 Jun 2009

Special room rates at the Riviera for 2010 Archery Festival.

NFAA room specials through Reduced Trips at the Riviera for the Archery Festival in February.

* February 17th – 21st  Riviera room special $51.00 per night (Standard rooms). Please email Brenda at [email protected].  These rooms are time sensitive and the rates can change at anytime, if interested please contact me soon.  (If you are interested in other dates please feel free to drop me an email).

Thank you,

Brenda Eichhorn

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Published by caribou creek on 17 Jun 2009

Bears ,Bears and more Bears ! {The shoot out at Martin creek }

Winter time in alaska sets the stage for arm chair stories .Guides ,pilots ,hunters alike .All can tell of the seasons adventures . Sit back and relax !

This is true story that happened to my cousin and myself .

A number of years ago the State of Alaska pulled money out of their a–ss to let forest service repair trails and build new ones. Long over due .

Where you have people .You have bears ! no way around it . As much as people try to clean up after themselves there are a few bad apples . A few choice dumb sh–its to keep news papers in print with bears attacks . This story takes place in seward alaska .The year 1985 .I was working with my cousin doing flooring and carpet service . After work at night we would walk the forest service trails looking for bears . Bears do follow trail of least resisdance.

The week before There was a lady cook at one of the remote forest service camps attacked by a black bear. The lady was ok . Had to change her pants . She would wipe her hands off on her pants while cooking  Ha Ha ! got you! you thought thre beaers scared her so bad she need to change her pants . Well maybe so ? As normal the bear was shot for the bad habits of man !

As weeks worked into months the bears were getting braver .The forest service put up signs at trail heads –The signs would read .”please leave Name ,Address and phone number of next to kin before useing this trail “. Botton line too many bears had hear the dinner bells at the many camps the forest service had .

One week end we rode the horse’e into martin creek . 15 mile up trail to a heloicopter pad . This was to be a good area to stake out horse’s yet be able to watch them while hunting . The landing pad was 300yds round . Nice grass ..good idea for feeding horse’s and camp ?  This place was build to cut down on bears in area plus for hauling out garbage .They even  tagged bears to  moved them out to other areas . Maybe it was good plan ?

we rode to this camp on a beautiful fall day,  As i stepped out of the saddle to walk the area . I heard watch out from behind. Drew my rifle from scabber all in one quick moment  .Things in alaska happen fast ! first bear was coming in fast shooting three times a moveing target is hard to hit in bushy area .My cousin was relaoding getting  ready for the next bear busting out of bushes .To run the other way .I turned horse’s lose ,I was on one knee with another bear at 30 yds dead .my cousin hads yet another bear down with one shot .

Still jumpy from trying top calm horse’s  all hell cut lose  One more bear was in 55 gal drum looking at us , 2 more bears were in garbag pit looking at us at 20 yds and moveing in closer for better look  at all the noise and the horse’s.I shot the bear in the drum  Then turned and shot one coming close Bob busted the first one it had stopped dead at his feet  Mine bear ran off 50 yards Balling loudly as you would thingk 5 bears were dieing !

Both of us stand hard back to back relaoding . the horse’s wer used to rifle shots ,,But not bears that was another story .. the horse’s were off and running down trail for home . My rider and cousins were prttey good about standing,not running off leaving me .I rode off to catch the other horse”s before they got 15 milesd down the trail ..Then i hear 2 more shots .I had caught the horse’s by now and headed back to camp .As i rode back into area where the battle had started my cousin had one more bear down  as we were shotting one bear ran up a tree thonking he was asfe .I rode off and the bear felt safe to come down my cousin was still jumpy ..Hell ! so was i  Not all bear hunting is like this in alaska .You will not find bears behind every bush ! We now had 6 bears down within a 5o yd area .

We both agreed that this was a case of people not cleaning up after them selves of waste and food while working the trails . AS we left area we wondered if we buried the remains of these bears deep enough? All the gut piles where burned plus buries deep .So any one comeing into this camp wouldnt be surprised as we were .I have taken many bears from this area from bait stands.  It has been 25 years now since any reports of bear maulings in nthis area ..So may be after the shoot out at martin creek with 6 of the bruin brothers dead . Maybe there was a new sheriff in town?

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Published by caribou creek on 15 Jun 2009

The changes of the seasons

As the seasons change .I have a chance to look back at all i did. No !  I didnt get another white Dall ram this year . It would only take up room in my den. Instead the only white i see is . I have a few more white hairs on my head . Alaskan winters snows are becoming bolder with each year .

Moose season has come and gone leaving me with many thoughts and pictures .Many memories to share with one and all . No moose shot by me this year .Not that i didnt havean honest  chance  .The chance i did give up was for my son. The chance to see my son hunt with me again is priceless .To follows me thought a stalk to 35 yds .Only to lay my hand on his shoulder to stop him . The look in his eyes knowing  i was right  . It was late night, long distance from camp ,bears .I knew my son had followed my thoughts as only a son could .He knows my heart . A true son .

Seasons changes gives us all time to reflect on friends and family .

Besides hunting i love to fish .My real love is fly fishing ,My best times are teaching my family to fly fish .I taught my wife to fly fish .It was easy to teach her to drive my truck . I taught her to build her own fly rods and ties flies. That was simple part . Now take her to remote pond some wherer she would have no problems with back cast .She could form her loop and forward cast  on an open beaver pond .While standing on dam  This would be great place. Plus good trout fishing all year round . Plentyof open space {it was like beating a bee with broom handle at first } My wife picked up the cast very well .Plus with time she will practice to become a very good fisherperson .

I taught my wife to catch the big king salmon. Her first was  39#. Very proud lady .Turning to me to say that I should give her my rod and reel ! I dont think so –Telling her ,You give a man a fish you feed him for life ! teach him to fish he will feed himself . Good words of wisdom.Meaning you buy build your own rod and buy a good reel . lesson learned ? I not cold hearted .Get  things the same way i did . Work for it ! 

My thoughts go back in time .My freind called me saying his family was in town .They had a great time in alaska .Even though they tried to catch a  king salmon their time was getting short ,The flight was red eye to salt lake city  Asking if i could help them to catch at least one king ?

Off we drive to a place i love to fish for kings . A  place really to many people know about for my taste  .After casting a few lines . I catch nice king . In alaska in some areas you may keep only one king salmon .My day was finished . I just sit on bank of river watching .With a few hooks and line i found along river i could tie a few lines . I would hang them in the trees behind me .People would walk by asking if i sold these hooks . Iam not one to upset any one by turning down a $ each .

My freinds son tried ever so hard to catch a king . I could only talk to him tel ing him what he may do diffrently . After a few hours no one there would remembered me catching my king and filled my tag .What would it hurt to cast a line to try to hook a king ? On the third cast i had a king . Handing him my rod . Saying please dont break it .This fish was a heavy fighter .The fight lasted an hour . When he got the fish close to shore i netted it . Only now i can see that this fish was huge ! Not as big as the smile on this young mans face to catch a mighty alaskan king salmon .

I had made his day ,No his whole vacation ! We drove back to town where we scaled in this fish for 75#.  What a catch for a young man that had never seen any thing this big in his life . After pictures they loaded up for trip to airport to finish their long journey home after one week enjoying what i take for granted here .


One week passes and i get this phone call from my freind ,Late at night  the kind of phone calls one doesnt want to answer in fear of the worst ,My freinds told me the worst had happened ,His son came home from work late one night  kneeling at his bed side for evening prayers and died . S ad for my freinds loss , Feeling for my freind loss .I have lost many parts of my family ,

I was given a picture of his son in his greatest moment holding this salmon 4 ft off the ground as he floated in glory of his catch .The picture is treasured by me and i keep it close  know that every heart beat we are given can be taken away the same way .

I maybe a hipocrite at times or maybe just like to think i am ?y wife has bought her own fishing gear .She has gone on to become a good fisherperson. she and i are no longer together. She will hold these memories of being taught to  fish or building her own rods. Maybe i was right to hand my freinds son my rod and reel .We never know what moment we changes lifes of others …..Some how we all know the right moment to see changes of the seasons .

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Published by PAArcheryMan on 15 Jun 2009

Attaching a Drop Away Rest

I just bought a G5 dropaway rest. I don’t know how to serve the pull cable. Any suggestions would be a great help. There are no archery shops within 25 miles of where I live.

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Published by caribou creek on 15 Jun 2009

I’m not a cowboy– I just found the hat !

As we grow up in life .From the day we are born to the day we die .We find that life comes to full circle.

In my youth things were hard . my fathers lack of work, h]Heavy drinker .My parents couldnt afford to keep me at home. Plus i ran away from home at early age to keep from being beat by my drunk father . I ran away to alaska .Places where there were no maps . Places yet mapped only seen by natives and gold miners of old .

I had worked with horse all my life .You could say from ground up !My aunt and uncle raised appalossa horses and cattle in southern arizona ,I worked hard from sun up to sun down .We worked cattle around Bisbee, Douglas and Tomstone .Chaseing cattle back acrossed the border from mexico picking up a few donkeys along the away . Even today you will see wild donkeys in area watering with the wild life. The ranch is gone now ,So my stories starts from there . These are my roots.

I ran away to alaska very young .I found myself working in fall months for guides and spring/summer in construction .I lived out of town .building a life for myself with only trade i knew –Horses ! I had collected a good string of horses and mules  All giving me good service .I packed in supplies for guides and miners .Mostly guides.  I could work my horses all fall packing .

I had 23 horses and 2 jenny mules  Each horse knew it’s  job . My mare would lead out the string . All would follow . What a life for a young man with horse ‘s .Free and easy !

This one time i had packed in my horses and two hunters for guide i worked for . Into area known as the Wood river .Deep in the alaska range .Horse back only area . Great hunting  for moose ,caribou and sheep . Late fall would be best time for my hunters .

We rode into area .Set up camp .Very long day . Rideing was hard on horses also .I hobbled out horses . letting  my mules range free that night. Knowing they would stay close . Also they would  make lots of noises if bears were close .

My one jenny was in heat . I didnt feel it was going to effect our trip the way it did. The first morning up with the sun . looking out the tent .I see a large bull moose . Hey guys ! Who wants this moose ?  My jenny had a boy friend she brought him home to meet dad.Hunter had his moose .Now we needed  one more moose .

Camp fire .open fire meal .good stroies told .Horse tied out for the night ,All was well . Alaska can be beautiful in the fall .fall colors .night lights .Sounds of wolves howling .Day was done

Next morning up again with the sun  Out the wall tent was another bull moose .With my jenny mule ! Just a bit futher away out this time .Maybe gun shy by this time . My judas mule had another boy friend .The other hunter filled his tag . Boy !  Iam thinking this is an easy hunt .I could be home early and ready for two more hunters .Outfitting can be good money .You most work all you can in fall .Or money can be short and winters long .

W e hunt the next day for caribou and filling both tags .I had left a few horses in camp with my mules .when we got back to camp my jenny was gone .I walked out to find her . She had yet another boy friend .She couldnt be caught this time , Not even grain !. Look at it this way your daughter comes home with new boy freind and he gets shot .she wouldnt bring home any more to meet ole dad !

We packed up  leaving for the road .My mule was still there left behind .she would not follow the rest . At the road i left meat and supplies with old sourdough with message to catch my mule and call me to pick her up .

Fall season was a pretty good one .I had plenty of work.The horses were tired and needed winter pastures. I loaded up 3 good horses and headed back to hunt for my winter meat supplies and wanting to catch my mule .I trailed into an old hunting camp site .looking for my lost mule .I found the signs –The writing was on the walls .I would miss her.I found what was left of her .wolves had cleaned up the remains .I would miss her .I never did ever buy another mule to replace her ,some things are just left alone .Time moves on .I left for the  service .Leaving my horse in good hands .I was dicharged early and came home to the same way of life .Only this time i would have a pilots license and aviation mechical  experiance.I work winters as turbine mech and fall as outfitter. I homesteaded 160 acres and got married .Not bad way of life for a runaway boy with only a dream to come to alaska .

One day i was watching my horses feed in the fields  These horses are in better shape than my family . They were better cared for .So i sold them all and moved to town . My horse days were over ! It was a good life. Some times like now .I look back at the youth of my past. I can see myself packing over the mountain passes fresh snow . …..Iam older now maybe wiser …My youth is gone .My spirit Is still stronger with my age .Weather beaten hands ,skin baked in the sun .I wear a rain slicker , And yes this old cowboy hat –But Iam not a cowboy .I just found the hat !

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Published by tanner on 14 Jun 2009

Northern Triple Crown IBO Shoot

This weekend I was at the second leg of the
northern triple crown and met Jason the owner
of Athens Archery products and some of his
great employes. Their bows and products
are all machined in the USA and are the top
of the line products! They have my vote on
Bow Hook for being the number one bow accessory
of the year!!! They all were very friendly and
know their product inside and out… cause
they design and make all their products.
Thanks and it was nice to meet you guys.


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