It seems lately I’ve noticed a widening divide over the choices we make as hunters. Debates over such choices as: On stand or not,to bait or not,private property vs. public lands,guided vs. unguided,all quickly sour. One that causes a big stink is private game management(high fence) vs.free range. “Hot topic” is definitely an understatement! Another is bow vs. gun or crossbow. And how about this one? Brand A bow is better then brand B. Just a few examples that send many into a rabid tirade. The debates gone bad are almost endless,at times the Forum is flooded with our peevish,sandlot bickering,much the same as “my dad is tougher than yours”!

 There was a time we respected each other and honored others’ dedication to their weapon and manner of hunt. A time when a person was held with the utmost respect for providing for the family regardless the tools used or type of harvest the table was set.

 Have we lost so much pride and respect in ourselves as to lose all respect for others choices?

 Those same choices that forged this country? A country where all are free,within the Law and reason to choose those things that fill our hearts and lift our spirits in the pursuit of happiness.

 With more tolerance towards our fellow hunters choices….we can learn volumes.